Mother of Good Counsel Parish

A Welcoming Catholic Church & School, Anchored in Faith

Parish Address:

6924 W. Lisbon Ave.,

Milwaukee, WI 53210


Mass Schedule

Sun. Morning Eucharist:

10:00 AM & Noon - Spanish

Sat. Night Eucharist:

5:00 PM

Weekday Mass:

8:15 AM Tues & Sat 8:45 AM Thurs

School Address:

3001 N. 68TH ST.,

Milwaukee, WI 53210


School Hours:

7:40 AM - 3:15 PM

Skills Review


Reading and Lanuguage Spelling Math Science and Social Studies Keyboarding Religion Spanish
Reading and Language  
bulletNoun Jumber Help the koala jump the logs by picking the nouns.
bulletFinding Prepositions Listen to a short video about prepositions and then practice using and recognizing them in sentences.
bulletThe Dictionary A video that demonstrates how to use a dictionary. Then games to practice using a dictionary
bulletAlphabetical Order A video on why and how we alphabetize.
bulletGuide Words Practice using guide words and “win a million dollars”.
bulletNoun Dunk Show your knowledge of nouns.
bulletNoun Review A quiz on nouns for one or two players.
bulletRoad to Grammar Provides grammar quizzes to help review parts of speech.
bulletGrammar Bytes Interactive online exercises to help review parts of speech. There are also handouts that may be printed to help review these skills.
bulletGuide to Grammar and Writing Here is a description on how to use possessives and a quiz to review your skills. You can also choose quizzes that cover many other grammar concepts.
bulletGrammar Blast Games to review parts of speech and writing skills. These are organized by grade levels 2nd through 5th.
bulletGrammar Blast (Middle School) Games to review parts of speech and writing skills. These are organized by grade levels 6th through 8th.
bulletNoun Explorer Provided by Harcourt Schools Publishers this is an activity where you can practice abbreviations and plural spellings.
bulletVerb Power Provided by Harcourt Schools Publishers this is a game to review verbs, helping verbs, and contractions.
bullet Learn to Read Activities to review vowels, letter sounds, how to read and opportunities to read about different subjects. More links sponsored by Starfall are listed at the bottom of the web page.
Spelling   To top
bullet Spelling Games Play games to help you practice spelling. Games are by grade level.
bullet 100 Most Misspelled Words Play the game of Battle Ship but to earn a ”hit” you must deterime which word in the list is spelled correctly.
bullet 100 Most Misspelled Words - Game 2 New words for the Battle Ship game.
bullet Spell Check Given a list of four words you must choose the misspelled word and then spell the word correctly.
Math   To top
bullet That's a Fact Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or mixed problems. Time yourself or not. Use the number line at the bottom or enter numbers with the keyboard.
bullet Math Games Review math skills according to the Common Core Standards per grade level.
bullet Fractions Adding Mixed Numbers Review adding mixed numbers.
bullet Math Lingo Read or listen to sentences with math terms and find the pictures they represent. This site is sponsored by Houghton Mifflin.
bullet Coin Combo Click on the coins to find the amount before more coins fall and the game is over.
bullet Counting Money Count the money and then enter the total.
bullet Compare Fractions and Mixed Numbers Review comparing fractions and mixed numbers.
bullet Algebra Puzzle Solve thee algebra puzzles - two different levels.
bulletIlluminations Ten Frame Practice counting and adding.
bullet Multiplication Steps An interactive game to hep reinforce two digit multiplication.
bullet Tests on Time Tests on telling time.
bullet Math Mine Match the clock to the written time.
bullet What Time Is It? Find the time that is showing on the clock.
bullet Telling Time Read the time on the clock and then write the time.
bullet Number Chart An interactive number chart that can be used in many ways.
bullet Geometry Geometry lessons for second grade
bullet Soft Schools Place Value Determine the place value of the digits in a number.
bullet Word Problems Story problems for math are found here at the SoftSchool web site. You can choose your grade level and start practicing.
bullet Counting Change Using your money skills practice making change.
bullet Math10 These interactive math games challenge your thinking skills Powerlines is here now.
bullet A Plus Math Practice flashcards online or print them out. These are available in both Java and non-Java formats.
bullet Who Wants to be a Mathionaire Review addition skills by solving equations. These equations are suitable for students in the primary grades.
bullet Cool Math 4 Kids Games and puzzles used to reinforce math skills.
bullet Dividerama! Test your long division skills with this 16 problem activity.
Science and Social Studies   To top
bullet Invention Reports Sites for research for invention reports.
bullet Animal Sites Sites for animal reports for younger students.
bullet The Weather Game Test your knowledge about weather.
bullet Weather Videos Watch videos about weather, seasons, climate and the changing Earth.
bullet Riding the Winds with Kalani Take a ride on a weather balloon and discuss weather, temperature, clouds and precipitation.
bullet Indus Valley Archeological dig from the Indus Valley.
bullet A to Z Kids Stuff Learn all about the world.
bullet Fun Country Facts Learn about interesting information about the countries of the world.
bullet Underground Railroad Learn all about the Underground Railroad.
bullet Native American Homes" Learn all about the homes lived in by Native Americans.
bullet Native American Homes Video Learn about the homes lived in by Native Americans while watching this video.
bullet Water Cycle Review the water cycle on this EPA site.
bullet Maps and Map Skills Use interactive maps to test your skills.
bullet Where Is That? Using maps test your geography skills.
bulletGeography World A matching game of land and water features.
bulletBen's Guide to U.S. Government Divided by grade levels, this site offers information about the US government, states, neighborhoods, the nation, citizenship, how laws are made, branches of the government, historical documents, and more. There is a separate section for teachers and parents.
bulletKids Portal for the US Government This is a list of sites that cover many different subjects. These are some of the subjects that are included: Geography, Government, Health, History, Homework, Money, Music, Safety, Science, Math, and Transportation.
bullet Who Wants to Win $1,000,000? A game of science and math questions where you earn more "money" with each question answered.
Keyboarding   To top
bullet Dance Mat Typing A fun game-like format to practice keyboarding skills one section at a time.
bullet Typing Balloon This program has different levels. You may pick the rows you want to practice.
bullet Keyboarding Resources Many keyboarding sites for you to practice. They are grouped according to ability.
bullet Free Typing Games A variety of game-like formats to practice keyboarding skills.
bullet Keyboarding Resources A list of keyboarding games grouped by skill level.
bullet Typing Test You can take a test to see how fast you can type or play typing games that will help you learn the keyboard.
bullet Learn 2 Type This online typing test may be taken without creating an account.
bullet Touch Typing A program where you can program your own text to practice.
Religion   To top
bullet List of Popes Learn all about the Roman Catholic Popes.
bullet Pope Info Important dates for the Popes.
bullet Pray the Rosary Learn how to pray the rosary with this site from Catholic Kids.
bullet World Religions An introduction to many of the world religions from URI.
bullet Christianity for Kids This site discusses six of the main world religions.
bullet Major Religions of the Word Fact Monster highlights some of the major religions of the world.
bullet Saint Stories for Kids This site is sponsored by the Loyola Press.
bullet Saint Fun Facts Fun facts about the saints in cartoon format with links to more in-depth material.
bullet Roman Catholic Saints Information on saints and angles at a higher reading level.
Spanish   To top
bullet Spanish Word Toss Review basic words in written form. You can choose: Spanish to English or English to Spanish.
bullet Spanish Word Bingo Choose from basic word groupings and match the word spoken to the written form. You choose Spanish to English or English to Spanish.
bullet Conjugate Spanish Verbs Practice conjugation of Spanish verbs.
bullet Digital Dialects Practice basic Spanish vocabulary, math problems and conversations on this site. Many of the games include audio.
bullet Spanish Alphabet Practice reciting the Spanish alphabet.
bullet Map Quiz Game Interactive map game about Spanish speaking countries.
bullet Spanish Games Review numbers, basic vocabulary and parts of the face.

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