Mother of Good Counsel Parish

A Welcoming Catholic Church & School, Anchored in Faith

Parish Address:

6924 W. Lisbon Ave.,

Milwaukee, WI 53210


Mass Schedule

Sun. Morning Eucharist:

10:00 AM

Sat. Night Eucharist:

5:00 PM

Weekday Mass:

8:15 AM (Tues, Thurs, Sat)

School Address:

3001 N. 68TH ST.,

Milwaukee, WI 53210


School Hours:

7:40 AM - 3:15 PM

Parish Ministries

God's call is to His entire church and we all have gifts to share. Mother of Good Counsel Parish offers many different ways that members can share their gifts with others.

Please prayerfully consider your gifts and our ministries. Then call the contact person listed or the Development & Volunteer Office at (414) 442-7600, ext. 102 to join.

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Liturgy & Music

Arts and Environment at MGC

Members of MGC who are gifted with artistic and creative skills are invited to share them through participation in art and environment. This includes decorating the church, and entrances for various seasons of the church year as well as maintaining bulletin boards and possible sewing projects throughout the year. Special attention and planning are given to the major seasons of Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas.

Other faith filled applications of this ministry may include working with plants and floral arranging, sewing, painting and working with various media to enhance the worship environment. More practical elements of the ministry include ironing, polishing, washing linens and volunteering wherever help is needed.

Artists who choose to volunteer in the preparation of the sacred space through art, show gratitude through the sharing of artistic gifts and thus provide a visual worship setting that promotes a more intense relationship with our Creator, and helps Mother of Good Counsel Church be a welcoming place for the faithful.


Altar Servers

Young people from 4th grade through college:

You are invited to learn to assist the priest at Mass. Lessons are provided and new altar servers are installed annually. Join 60+ young people and help serve at the Lord's table.


Adult servers are needed to help serve at funerals during the week. Training will be provided and your service will be a witness and comfort to the families.

Contact: (414) 442-7600 ext. 107,


New members are always welcome to join in sharing their musical talents at MGC! Volunteers are needed for singing in the choir, playing handbells, and playing instruments. Instruments welcome include strings, wind instruments, percussion, guitar and bass.

Saturday at 5:00 p.m.

Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Music selection for weekend Liturgies is drawn from the Sacred Scripture of the day. The parish has a shared repertoire for all the weekend Liturgies. The different Masses reflect diversity through Mass times. various choirs, and a wide selection of instrumentalists available that are worshipping at a given Mass.

Youth choirs will rehearse seasonally for Christmas and Easter to provide special youth involvement during those feasts. Youth choirs will rehearse seasonally for Christmas and Easter to provide special youth involvement during those The weekly adult choir rehearses on Thursday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Handbell rehearsals are on Thursdays from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. To attend Thursday evening rehearsals, please enter through the west door of the church

Contact: Linda July (414) 442-7600 ext. 117,

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Faith Formation

Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic ministers assist the priest and deacons in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at each weekend Mass. Training is provided. Most ministers serve about once every 4 weeks. You can also choose the Mass at which you prefer to minister.

Contact: Deacon Dean Collins, (262) 787-3567


Open to Confirmed parishioners 16 years of age and older. Lectors share God's Word with the worshipping assembly. Two training sessions are provided (one is a practice session). All lectors receive a workbook containing the readings for the year, hints on pronunciation and suggestions on how to proclaim each scripture reading. Most lectors serve approximately once every 6 weeks.

Contact: Deacon Dean Collins, (262) 787-3567,

Ushers & Greeters

Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers) welcome people to each Mass. They assist in seating the congregation, support other ministers and help with the collection. To join this ministry, contact Deacon Andy. He will arrange training with an experienced usher.

Contact: Deacon Andy Meuler, (414) 442-7600, ext. 125,

Baptism Prep Partners

Volunteers lead classes for parents with infants & children to be baptized. Volunteers are scheduled to lead several meetings a year depending on their availability. Help train parents at this joyous time! To volunteer, please contact:

Contact: Kathy Kohut, (414) 442-7238

Bible Studies

Tuesday Morning Group is open to everyone. This group usually uses a text for interesting and lively discussion purposes.

Meeting: 9am-10:30am in the parish Living Room (Seasonal check calendar for upcoming meetings)

Contact: (414) 442-7600 ext. 107

Marriage Prep Partners

Volunteers meet with engaged couples and provide support. Help couples communicate their values as they prepare for their wedding. Work with young couples at this happy time!


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Social Justice

Bread for the World

Mother of Good Counsel is a Covenant Church of Bread for the World which means that all the members of the Parish have made a commitment to integrate hunger concerns into the life of their congregation. MGC Parishioners want to learn about hunger, pray for hungry people, take direct action to work locally to alleviate hunger, and, most of all, advocate on local, state, and national levels to end hunger. Every Spring, members of MGC Parish participate in the Bread for the World's Offering of Letters, a major letter-writing campaign during which parishioners join together to write to their Congressional representative in support of hunger fighting legislation. Members of MGC parish also participate in Bread for the World's Hunger Sunday which is a Sunday in the Fall which is set aside as a time for rededication to ending hunger in God's world through prayer, education, and action. For more information go to

Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month. Location rotates among parishes. Call for details.

Contact: Kathy Grothe, 774-1898

Boy Scout Pack and Troop 61

Scouting provides opportunities to build character through activities designed to build life skills and personal characteristics. Our troop is one of the oldest and largest in the city. To enroll your child, contact the leader listed below or stop by during one of the meetings:

Cub Scouts - For boys ages 7-11 years of age.

Meetings: We meet in Alumni Hall on the Third Friday of the month at 7:00 PM.


Boy Scouts - For boys ages 12-17 years of age.

Meetings: We meet in the Scout house at MGC on Friday nights at 7:00 PM.

Contact: Gene Genal

Cluster Diversity Group

MGC along with its cluster parish partners of St. Catherine, St. Margaret Mary and St. Sebastian parishes sponsors the Diversity Group. As a group they have won a national Justice Award and a grant. Their goal is to create welcoming parish and school environments through an awareness and appreciation of equality for all cultures and ethnicities. They provide opportunities for open dialog and training for employees, committees and general memberships.

Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month. Location rotates among parishes. Call for details.

Contact: Jim Gordon, (414) 442-5463,

Girl Scout Troop

Girl Scouting helps girls build character and skills for success in the real world. In partnership with committed adults, young women learn that these traits: self-reliance, responsibility, respect, leadership, self-worth, integrity, and initiative thatj last a lifetime. MGC sponsors nine troops. Call the contact person for meeting details.

Daisy Girl Scouts - Age 5 or in Kindergarten

Brownie Girl Scouts - Gr. 1-3

Junior Girl Scouts - Gr. 4-6

Cadette Girl Scouts - Gr. 7-8

Contact: Maureen Gleesing, (414) 873-3476

Human Concerns

Our mission is to fulfill the scriptural call to justice by direct service, social justice education, social action, advocacy, outreach beyond the parish boundaries and public health ministry. Through our Operation Rice Bowl program we seek to address human concerns in poverty stricken third world countries. Watch the bulletin for information and articles. Join us!

General Meetings: 7:00 pm on the Second Monday of the month at the chairperson's home. Call for details.

Contact: Kathy Grothe (414) 774-1898,

Ministry to the Homebound

We minister to the homebound and hospitalized of our parish, especially seniors and the infirmed. We do this by bringing the Eucharist. Please inform the Parish Office if you or another member would appreciate some assistance. Volunteers welcome!

General Meetings: Watch the bulletin or parish calendar for meeting announcements or call for details.

Contact: Mary Betzwieser (414) 445-8766,

Theresa Boeckeler, (414)42-7600 ext. 102

South Side Meal Program

This is an important outreach ministry to the poor of our city, and volunteers can help in several ways. First, volunteers prepare simple portions of food at home that are served at the meal site. Second, volunteers work in our kitchen to accept the donations of food and complete the preparation of the meal. Finally, volunteers help transport the food to the site and serve it.

Meetings: First Thursday of the month in the afternoon and evening. Call for details.

Contact: Kathy Buenning, (414) 453-4288,

St. Vincent de Paul

The St. Vincent de Paul Conference at MGC Parish is part of the Milwaukee Archdiocesan St. Vincent de Paul Society. Special projects include the annual Back-to-School Drive in August, the Thanksgiving Food Drive and the Advent Giving Tree. Food is available by appointment and on the 3rd Saturday of each month, also by appointment. Assistance is also provided through referrals from the Central Office of SVDP for other needs such as furniture, clothing, etc. All are welcome to join as full members, auxiliary members or supporting members.

Meetings: First & Third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the St. Vincent de Paul Room (East Entrance to church).

Contact: MGC at (414) 442-7600 ext. 155

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Parish School

Athletic Board

The MGC Athletic Association believes that interscholastic athletics is a valuable, supportive element to the total Christian formation process. Athletics, being part of a well rounded educational experience, is available to encourage all students physically, socially and spiritually. Parents: Volunteer to help with our events. You will have fun, make new friends and enjoy cheering our children on! Our objectives are in agreement with the MGC mission statement and the Archdiocesan Athletics Policies.

Meetings: 7:00 pm, School Cafeteria, usually on a Monday, watch parish calendar for monthly dates. Anyone may attend and non-board members may comment during the first 10 minutes of the meeting. If possible, please call the Athletic Director 24 hours in advance to have an item placed on the Board's agenda.

Contact: Andrea Reyes (414)236-0896, or

Home & School Auction

We have all enjoyed attending our children's MGC events, sitting in bleachers, freezing on the soccer field, listening to their wonderful voices at concert, taking them to scouting and school events. Now it is time for some adult fun. This yearly event is one you don't want to miss. Come and enjoy this great tradition and share the spirit that is MGC. You can bid to win in our live and silent auction, enjoy delicious food, fine wine, and good friends. If you are interested in volunteering, contributing items/services or need more information, please call. Join us!

Contact: Barb Berthold, 414-442-7600 ext. 118,

Home & School Association

All school parents & guardians are members. The Association was created to build community among parents, foster communication between educators & the home, instill pride in a Catholic education, provide social opportunities for families, offer volunteer opportunities & fundraising to support.

General & Board Meetings: Meeting dates are announced in advance in the bulletin and KidMail. Call for details.

Contact: Julie Koth, 414-460-6399 or Andrea Reyes, 414-236-0896

School Bulletin Boards

With bulletin boards in over 20 classrooms and in all the halls, artistically inclined volunteers are needed! Help maintain bulletin boards for teachers and administrators throughout our 250+ student school. Schedule at your convenience. Staff will share ideas and themes.

Contact: Regina Shaw, (414) 442-7600, ext. 120,

School Committee

The MGC School Committee provides vision, development and leadership regarding issues which relate to school administration. School parents, alumni, staff and non-school-parent parishioners serve on this committee. Membership involves a nomination process, followed by a time of prayer and discernment.

Meetings: Meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of each month in the School Conference Room, and they begin promptly at 6:00 pm. A set agenda of items is discussed, which includes time to address specific concerns presented by interested persons. Check the bulletin, website or handbook for meeting dates.

Contact: Shawn Gleesing


Tutors teach reading or math and share their love of reading with our students. Tutoring appointments available throughout the day.

Contact: Regina Shaw, Principal, (414) 442-7600, ext. 120,

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Endowment Committee

We provide oversight and governance for the Parish and School Endowment funds. We seek to increase the endowment by soliciting gifts and through prudent investments. Income from the funds is used to support the parish and school. An Investment Sub-committee reviews our progress.

Meetings: The Endowment Committee meets on a Wednesday in February and August each year in the Parish Living Room. Please call for details. The Investment Sub-committee meets quarterly and reports to the full committee on a semi-annual basis.

Contact: Sue Puls, Ext. 105,

Finance Committee

This committee assists the pastor in the financial administration of the parish. They review the parish & school monthly finance reports and act as consultants to the pastor. Members are appointed by the pastor. Open time for parishioners is the first 10 minutes of each meeting. Copies of the minutes are available in the literature rack in the church lobby.

Meetings: Starting at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month in the Parish Living Room.

Contact: John Miller, (414) 444-8388,

Marketing Committee

Marketing and communication professionals are invited to help MGC Parish & School share the Good News! We review marketing and communication plans for church and school, advise the Development Director and assist with designing new outreaches.


Parish Council

The Parish Council is a vital leadership group of the parish. It is a consultative body whose members join through a process that includes open nominations followed by a time of prayer and discernment each spring. Youth Reps to Parish Council are selected at the start of the school year. Youth interested in serving should call the contact person listed below. Adults should watch the bulletin for announcements of the nomination process. Open time for parishioners is held at the beginning of each meeting and copies of the minutes are available in the literature rack in the church vestibule.

Meetings: Starting at 6:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Parish Living Room.

Contact: Ed Kovochich,

Parish Office Volunteers

Volunteers provide office support for the parish office by staffing the volunteer desk for 3 hour shifts once a week. They answer phones, make copies, stuff bulletins, deliver mail and help with many other tasks. The parish secretary provides training and is available to answer questions.

Contact: Theresa Boeckeler, (414) 442-7600, ext. 102,

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Community Social

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is a fellowship of people with a commitment to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. There are no dues or fees. We host both an AA and an Al-Anon group. Al-Anon is a support group for people living with those struggling with alcohol.

Meetings: Both groups meet in Paulik Hall and meeting rooms on Monday nights at 7:00 PM.

For AA Contact: Development Office for contact info

For Al-Anon Contact: Development Office for contact info

Sheepshead Marathon Group

This club has been around for more than 35 years! The group is open to two-somes single or married who would like to make new friends and play cards. The two-somes play once a month 6 months (Sept. through March), with a revolving group of couples, hosting twice in your home. If you play Sheepshead, call us.

General Meetings: We meet in September, October, November, January, February and March with a post-Christmas gathering at MGC and an awards banquet in April.

Contact: Ann Lappen, (414)442-5390

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